Monday, December 21, 2009


over at my friend Julia's blog... here... She's got a really fun blog... (i even make her laundry soap) so go check her out... leave a comment and have a chance to win a GREAT PRIZE!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well My griend Keeley, who is also a fellow CTMH consultant is giving away some CTMH blog candy... so go check out her site HERE

Friday, September 11, 2009

camping trip..

So we had Tons of fun a few months ago.. we went up to Utah to my Aunt Dawna's cabin.. It was really nice to get away!! here are some pictures

one more page please

one more.... :)

I really do scrapbook... see :)

OK so these may not be the best pics of my pages, but It's dark and i wanted the pics taken... so here they are...

Monday, September 7, 2009


Ok... So I used to have a place to go to that i felt welcome to vent, to cry to laugh.. whatever.. but that place is no longer a comforting place to go.. as a matter of fact, i feel i've been kicked out of the CLIQUE!! DAMN HIGHSCHOOL-TYPE DRAMA!! I'm pretty sure I Graduated HIGHSCHOOL a LONG time ago.. but apparently no matter how old the people can be.. A LOT of people still like.. no scratch that THRIVE on DRAMA/BS...

anyways.. that wasn't my vent... (believe it or not..) but this IS

My Daddy- As you may/may not know/care... my dad is sick.. He's been battling cancer for 2 years.. it started in his colon (he had colon cancer before.. when i was like 14.. but they cut it out and he had a clean bill of health) well this time.. he wasn't so lucky.. by the time they caught it it had spread to his stomach, liver and lungs.. well he was on a chemo regimen that was working for 2 years.. all of his lesions seemed to be shrinking/vanishing.. his colon tumor was completely GONE, and there were only like 2 lesions left on his liver. (his lungs were clear too) well the STUPID cancer was getting immune to it (I guess) and the liver lesions were not going away, they were getting slightly bigger and one more even appeared, so it was time to change treatment.. well they started him on a new type of Chemo, and it knocked him on his butt for DAMN NEAR 2 weeks!! not only was he down... but he was hospitalized a few times... he had to get a 5 unit blood transfusion one of those times (i was told there are only 10 units in your body) The new chemo (as i understand it) gave him bleeding ulcers! Tomorrow is his birthday so I called to see if anything was planned (My family likes to forget to tell me of these things.. they didn't even call me when my dad was hospitialized for 3 days) for tomorrow.. he informed me.. HE LOST HIS HAIR.. ALL OF IT!!! This makes me sooooo sad... it all seems toooo real to me!! I'm not ready for this Cancer SHIT to be real... I lost my Grandpa due to lung cancer when i was 12, and at 18 me and my sister had to plan my step-dad's funeral (it wasn't cancer.. but still) I'm NOT ready to lose my dad!! i don't want this to be real... I'm NOT READY!!! I want My dad there when my kids start school, and when they graduate... and When they get married... I'm soooo NOT ready for this!!! DAD- YOU CAN DO THIS!! YOU CAN PULL THROUGH.. GIVE CANCER THE FINGER!!! I NEED YOU!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blog candy...

ok so while looking at a blog hop i came across this blog... she's a fellow CTMH consultant and giving away some free stuff.. so check her out.. follow her, leave a comment and post about it on your blog for a chance to win :) she's giving away some GREAT CTMH stuff :)

Check out the link HERE

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been a while

I know I know... anyways... what's going on in the Ganther household
*Well John and I are doing good! no scratch that we are doing GREAT!! Today is our 4 year anniversary and at this time I couldn't ask for a stronger relationship!
*John's out of work... DAMN ECONOMY!! has been since the beginning of July.. but we are surviving!!
*Rikki-Lynn is SOOO smart... She can say her alphabet.. she knows her colors, shapes and how to mix colors to get other colors.. She's my little smarty-pants!!
*Xander is getting big! He's 2 now, and just growing up so fast :( He LOVES spongebob, and his mommy (He's a HUGE mommy's boy)
*Amber and I went to Escondido (outside of Sandiego) for a scrapbooking retreat! We both had an awesome time and I got amber to scrap!! soon it will turn into an OBSESSION!! TRUST ME, I know!!
*MY DAD- I talked to him last night and he was a bit (ok a lot) out of it! but I talked to him tonight and he seems like a whole different person! He's been fighting this cancer BULL CRAP for 2 years now, and we recently found out he has another lesion.. which means his body is getting immune to the chemo.. so they switched his chemo treatment up a little bit.. and that made him SOOO SICK!! He got a boat recently (what can i say the man loves to fish) and John and Rikki-Lynn got to go fishing with him.. Rikki-Lynn loved her PINK life vest, and was REALLY REALLY good! They (john, Rikki-Lynn and My Dad can't wait to go again!)
*I went up to Utah a couple weekends ago for a friend.. (I LOVE YOU JESS) and even though i went up there for some BAD reasons, i had a good time, I spent a lot of time with Kristy and I MISS HER so MUCH!!! (I LOVE YOU KRISTY)!!
*I miss Merinda... (I pray for you Daily)
*My mom is still doing good, her and Shane are up deer hunting as we speak! Hope she's having fun... oh.. i think i'm going to text her really fast... ok done!
*Hmm what else.. Oh.. I haven't scrapped much except at the retreat and i only got 10 pages done.. which isn't a lot.. in my opinion!!
*john made me a scrapbook page for our 4 year anniversary... and it made me cry!! There may be some people in my life right now that i would be able 'phase out' without any problems.... but My husband isn't one of them (that's a good thing right)

Ok.. I think that's it for now...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well I DID IT!!!!!

I took the plunge and am now a CLOSE TO MY HEART consultant (CTMH)! It's so exciting for me!! So take a look at the site HERE and if you are interested in hosting a party, or placing an order get a hold of me at or by phone :) (if you know my number)

I'll keep you updated :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I know I know.. i'm a bad blogger

So... I know i'm not a very good blogger, but i really need to try harder.. but I'm not sure if many people read this blog :) anyways what's going on the the Ganther life..

John and I are still working on us.. I'm pretty sure we are doing GOOD!! we are still going to counseling, but doing better :) We are spending more 'alone' time without the kids, and it's really helping us! (thanks Barb for taking them for us so often) I won tickets to Sugar Ray, so we went to that concert last night. We got a hotel room and I'm SOOOO glad we made the decision not to drive. I WOULD NOT have been able to! I didn't puke (that's pretty shocking for me) but JOHN on the other hand.. LOL.. He was praying pretty hard to the porcelain gods last night :) I still had fun :)

Rikki-Lynn is 3!!! (getting sooo big) She knows her ABC's and can count to 10. SHe has been potty trained for dang.. i guess about 9 months or so! She's TOOOOO smart for her own good sometimes though.. :) She still has her curly hair.. (i dont' wanna cut it)

Xander (x-man) will be 2 on his daddy's birthday (july 14th) He's really tall for his age (almost as tall as Dallas.. but Rikki-Lynn is taller) He's still not saying much.. talked to the ENT dr and he said to take him to a speech therapist.. so i really need to get on that.

I've been working a lot, and john has too! I HATE it when Rikki-Lynn asks me to 'not go to work' it breaks my heart :( I love that girl :)

ok that's enough rambling for now :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

for john

Ok so john needs to post this on a blog.. so here goes

Thursday, April 16, 2009

update on 'us'

ok... so here is an update on us

John and i went to marriage counsiling (twice now) and honestly, I feel we are doing better as a couple! We have been working on 'us' the kids have been with barbara quite a bit and we have just been working on our marriage, we have been hanging out until the wee hours of the morning, we went to a movie, just having some husband/wife time! I was a few weeks pregnant when we got married, so we have never really been a married couple, it's been more of mom and dad instead of Lacey and John. so we are trying to get back to US!! Thank GOD we have family here, I know it's not a lot, and I miss my family more than anything.. but THANK GOD for Barbara!! I mean really!!! THANKS!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

we are doing ok

I don't know if anyone knows, but John and i have been going through some really tough times, as husband and wife, but WE decided we weren't going to give up without a fight, so we are fighting and i *Think* we are winning.. we shall see... it's hard, and it's even HARDER cuz i feel like i am fighting this battle alone, all my family is in utah, and out of the ones in Las vegas, i don't consider mnost of them family, as not many of them have been there for me.. EVER!!! and John has his mom 2 blocks away... so i feel alone, and the people who do know my problmes don't even seem to call me anymore or anything!! kinda pisses me off!!! but what am i supposed to do, i know life gets inthe way sometimes, but man feeling lonely fuckin' sucks!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

happy *blog* birthday kelsy

Soooo it's my friends *blog* birthday so... happy blog birthday! In honor of it being her bday she is giving away so,e blog candy... so go check her out... thr link is over on my sidebar... jill of all trades...

Monday, March 2, 2009

PIF update

Ok... sooo I decided to up my PIF to 5 people.... remember leave a link on the original post below! I only have 1 taker so far! You know you wanna play!

Friday, February 27, 2009

pay it forward....

Ok since I'm in a pretty good mood I'm gonna play. I saw this on my friend kelsys blog (which I check faithfully at least once a day) basically I'm going to give the first 3 people to comment on this thread something handmade by me sometime this year.. it could be anything!! But here's the catch... you have to pay it forward! Post on your blog about it and commit to giving 3 people something.. not that hard right??!! Oohhh and have fun this weekend kelsy!!


Yep I have great news!! John finally got a job. Its been 5 long months sice the accident and he went to orientation this morning! He starts work on monday! And now the gloomy part of it... we only have my car right now(we have his motorcycle, but it needs a new rim and a new battery.. soooo for the next week or 2 or maybe even 3 we have to carpool with eachother! Which isn't such a bad thing except... he leaves (which means we have to leave) at 3am. Ill drop him off at his jobsite, go to my dads house and sleep on the couch until I have to go to work.. which somedays is at 9 am sometimes not until noon. Then when he gets off work at about 1 or 2.. he will either have 2 get a ride, or ride the bus to my work, and sit there until I get off at 6pm. We will then leave to go home, get back to pahrump by 7pm, have enough time to eat and put the kids to sleep! We will be gone from 3 am until 7pm every week day! Its gonna suck! Sooo... if u happen to know anyone who wants to get rid of a car for pretty cheap and/or will take payments until its paid off.. let me know! But... john got a job!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

check out jen's site

She is giving away some blog candy!!! Check it out the link is also on the side bar on the right!! I met jen last summer (and her lil girl) at a retreat I went to in cali! She's a fun person and an amazing scrapper!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

some random pics..

Hey guys i know it's been a while.. i know i have been kinda slackin' .. here are some recent pics of the family...

Me my birthday weekend (back in decmeber)

John...(my biker husband)

Rikki-Lynn posing for the camera..

and can't forget x-man.. aka Xander.. he loves his yogurt!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines day!!!

So... I just wanted to post really quick to say happy valentines day! I will try to upload some pics soon! There is some exciting baby news going around... and NO its NOT ME!!!! My sister Amber just found out she is having a little boy!!! And my friend shanti just found out she is pregnant again! And... some one else is too.. but don't think they've told everyone yet though.. so ill have to make that announcement later..(when they decide to tell) it makes me question if I am really done with babies I mean I have my boy and my girl.. I couldn't ask for more perfect kids.. but.. do they need another brother or sister... and honestly I know I could handle another baby... but being pregnant?? I hate being pregnant.. I mean I love the fact that my body is housing a human when I am pregnant... but I puke all 9 months! All day every day.. not to mention being on bed rest for the last 2 months or so of each pregnancy.. and I am crazy psycho lady.... and I get gestational diabetes when I am pregnant.. so... as for now.. the ganthers will not be adding another child to our family.. that is unless of course my birth control fails or someone wants to give me theirs! So if you know anyone with an extra baby hanging around send them my way! Bye bye for now!

Friday, February 6, 2009

blog candy!!!!!!

Hey a couple extremely talented sketchers (and friends) are giving away some scrappin' goodies. So this post is just for them!!!

First of all shanna over at is givin away a super duper cute chipboard album in the shape of a cupcake. It is absolutely adorable!!! Not to mention, her sketches are amazing too! Oh and even if you don't scrap... you can go to her blog enter her contest aka spread the word about her blog win the album and give it to me! Come on... you know you wanna!

And my other amazingly talented scrapper/sketcher is jodie over at is giving away some scrappin goodies too cause its her blogs birthday and her sons! Happy birthday!!!

K I am going to bed now!

Kisses to all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

more freebies

Hey a couple more freebies... check out she is giving away 2 acrylic albums! Love them! And also check out I love the valentines day stuff they are giving away!

i am around

I only have internet on my phone right now cause we haven't paid our internet bill in months... oh well crap happens! Anyways.... I will try to pop on when I can. I am sure the phones will get shut off sooner or later. But I want to let you know kelsy is giving away some super super cute earrings and a page charm so check out her blog. love ya kelsy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sorry I am such a slacker... well lets see, what is going on in my life.... John has a REALLY good lead for a job, I dont' want to say it's for sure and jinx it though. Rikki-Lynn is almost 3.. and smarter than ever.. I love her!!! she has her days where she is REALLY nice to her baby brother, and days where she is a BRAT to him. She is still sleeping with us... which I LOVE and HATE... I know i'll miss it when she doesn't but at the same time, I WANT my bed back! I want to sleep next to my husband... that's not tooo hard to ask right? and Xander.... my neighbor calls him X-Man!! He is getting toooo big. Sleeps in a toddler bed already... yes he is only a year and a half.. but he loves it! He started this new thing lately.. where he screams like a girl!! it's cute, but at the same time.. OUCH!! He is getting so big.. I love my little Xander man!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MY new blog

I did it.. I started my depression blog... here is the address...

go check it out... :)