Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Dad

Well as most of you know, my Dad has been battling cancer, AGAIN!! he had it once before and it was in remission, but came back FULL FORCE!! he has been doing Chemo for about a year now, and most of the cancer is gone, or at least almost gone, he still has a couple leasions on his lungs, and a couple on his liver, but they are considerably small. they are both inoperable, sooooo... he has to continue this chemo crap and it really sucks!!! Sure, my Dad will but on the superman front, and say he is fine, he has even worked this whole time, but any of you that have been around anyone that is doing Chemo, it SUCKS!!! it sucks all the energy out of him, and makes him feel generally like CRAP!!! Well, he called me yesterday to ask me how 'big John' was doing and I told him updates, and then i ask him if he is at work, and he tells me he is in the hospital! For dehydration AGAIN!!! So i of course put on the 'big girl' attitude and ask questions, get all the answers, and when i hang up the phone I start crying like a baby, I know my dad is Superman, and I know he will be OK... He WILL get through this, but man, it sucks!! I hate seeing Superman like this it makes me sad.. so again... Please pray for my dad!! I need my superman to get better! i am tired of seeing him so sick

No surgery.... for now

well john went to the Orthopedic surgeon yesterday.. they put him in a figure 8 brace to pull his shoulders back, so it can heal.. he is feeling better :) As of right now he doesn't have to have surgery on it, but he has to go back next week to double check that prognosis... so not completely out of the woods yet, but pretty dang close :) he is going to be out of work for 6-12 weeks, so anyone that lives in or around las vegas, keep your ears open for some money.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008


OMGosh!! I got THE phone call. I was sleeping on saturday morning and at about 5:30 my phone rang, so i jumped up to answer it, and there was a lady on the other line, mam this is ________ from green valley grocery on Alexander and Lamb, i am calling to let you know your husband has just been in a motorcycle accident! So of course I ask the normal questions... is he going to be ok, what happened, and she didn't have many answers for me! Only that they were loading him into the ambulance So by that time I was already looking for my keys and stuff! Well i couldn't find them for a minute, So I woke up my neighbor boy (Doug) and told him John was just in an accident, i have to go to vegas, are you coming with or watching the kids, he chose to watch the kids (thank goodness) so out the door I go. On my way to Vegas, I called the number back, talked to an Officer, they told me the injuries were not life threatening, and that he was going to be fine and he told me where they were going.. UMC TRAUMA... I also called my mom, john's work friend, Barbara (I sent her on her way to the hospital until i could get there) Ryan, and Kayla... anyways.. i get almost to the hospital, and John tells me, I don't want you to see me like this I am in a C-Brace (neck brace) I told him that was tough stuff cause I was going to see him how ever he was, he IS MY HUSBAND!! so he said 'alright' So i get to the hospital and find out the story:
He was already at work, took a benedryl, made him tired, left work to go to his mom's house to sleep cause of the benedryl, and on his way there about 3 blocks from his mom's house the benedryl got the best of him, he fell asleep and hit the Median, according to the police report he was only going about 25. It popped him up, and back down HARD!!! He cracked his helment and it was a top-of-the line helment! He fractured his clavical (collar bone) and it shifted according to the dr. 1/4 inch. He also got some pretty ugly road rash!!!
He has to go to the Orthopedic surgeon on monday to see about surgery, also has to go to the burn unit on either monday or tuesday to have his road rash cleaned again! He is in A LOT of pain, and to top it off, dont' think he will be working for 6-12 weeks! Thank Goodness I got my job, granted i only make about half of what john does, but it's money none the less... so.. just when we think we are getting ahead We get a big 'o' whack on the head!! here are some pictures :(

Please say a prayer for me and my family!! thanks :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


PLEASE... Leaving for work that is... whenever i leave for work, it breaks my heart. I just don't know how to make it easier! Right now my neighbor boy is watching them and so hopefully when My mother in Law Barbara gets here (on or about the first) it will be easier! Right now Rikki-Lynn cries so much she makes her self puke! and she says 'no mommy work' and mommy watch VV (TV). Most days I leave home crying myself. ODn't get me wrong, I love my job, but I hate leaving!! ok Kids are tugging at me Got to go..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One of my favorite online Scrap stores

This Lady is from Canada, and I LOVE her stuff!! she has a blog, and a forum too!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! and Shipping isn't expensive.. so check her out!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to work

Ok, so i am going to go back to work, not sure if I am ready, but... none the less, it's happening!! I knew it was going to, but didn't know it would be this quick!! I am going to be working for the same dentist I was before I went on maternity leave! So if you need a dentist in Las Vegas, Hit me up!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Free stuff

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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ok i know i know.. i am a slacker..

Here are a couple pages i have done lately :) hope you like them.