Wednesday, January 21, 2009

more freebies

Hey a couple more freebies... check out she is giving away 2 acrylic albums! Love them! And also check out I love the valentines day stuff they are giving away!

i am around

I only have internet on my phone right now cause we haven't paid our internet bill in months... oh well crap happens! Anyways.... I will try to pop on when I can. I am sure the phones will get shut off sooner or later. But I want to let you know kelsy is giving away some super super cute earrings and a page charm so check out her blog. love ya kelsy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sorry I am such a slacker... well lets see, what is going on in my life.... John has a REALLY good lead for a job, I dont' want to say it's for sure and jinx it though. Rikki-Lynn is almost 3.. and smarter than ever.. I love her!!! she has her days where she is REALLY nice to her baby brother, and days where she is a BRAT to him. She is still sleeping with us... which I LOVE and HATE... I know i'll miss it when she doesn't but at the same time, I WANT my bed back! I want to sleep next to my husband... that's not tooo hard to ask right? and Xander.... my neighbor calls him X-Man!! He is getting toooo big. Sleeps in a toddler bed already... yes he is only a year and a half.. but he loves it! He started this new thing lately.. where he screams like a girl!! it's cute, but at the same time.. OUCH!! He is getting so big.. I love my little Xander man!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MY new blog

I did it.. I started my depression blog... here is the address...

go check it out... :)