Friday, August 28, 2009

Blog candy...

ok so while looking at a blog hop i came across this blog... she's a fellow CTMH consultant and giving away some free stuff.. so check her out.. follow her, leave a comment and post about it on your blog for a chance to win :) she's giving away some GREAT CTMH stuff :)

Check out the link HERE

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been a while

I know I know... anyways... what's going on in the Ganther household
*Well John and I are doing good! no scratch that we are doing GREAT!! Today is our 4 year anniversary and at this time I couldn't ask for a stronger relationship!
*John's out of work... DAMN ECONOMY!! has been since the beginning of July.. but we are surviving!!
*Rikki-Lynn is SOOO smart... She can say her alphabet.. she knows her colors, shapes and how to mix colors to get other colors.. She's my little smarty-pants!!
*Xander is getting big! He's 2 now, and just growing up so fast :( He LOVES spongebob, and his mommy (He's a HUGE mommy's boy)
*Amber and I went to Escondido (outside of Sandiego) for a scrapbooking retreat! We both had an awesome time and I got amber to scrap!! soon it will turn into an OBSESSION!! TRUST ME, I know!!
*MY DAD- I talked to him last night and he was a bit (ok a lot) out of it! but I talked to him tonight and he seems like a whole different person! He's been fighting this cancer BULL CRAP for 2 years now, and we recently found out he has another lesion.. which means his body is getting immune to the chemo.. so they switched his chemo treatment up a little bit.. and that made him SOOO SICK!! He got a boat recently (what can i say the man loves to fish) and John and Rikki-Lynn got to go fishing with him.. Rikki-Lynn loved her PINK life vest, and was REALLY REALLY good! They (john, Rikki-Lynn and My Dad can't wait to go again!)
*I went up to Utah a couple weekends ago for a friend.. (I LOVE YOU JESS) and even though i went up there for some BAD reasons, i had a good time, I spent a lot of time with Kristy and I MISS HER so MUCH!!! (I LOVE YOU KRISTY)!!
*I miss Merinda... (I pray for you Daily)
*My mom is still doing good, her and Shane are up deer hunting as we speak! Hope she's having fun... oh.. i think i'm going to text her really fast... ok done!
*Hmm what else.. Oh.. I haven't scrapped much except at the retreat and i only got 10 pages done.. which isn't a lot.. in my opinion!!
*john made me a scrapbook page for our 4 year anniversary... and it made me cry!! There may be some people in my life right now that i would be able 'phase out' without any problems.... but My husband isn't one of them (that's a good thing right)

Ok.. I think that's it for now...