Thursday, April 16, 2009

update on 'us'

ok... so here is an update on us

John and i went to marriage counsiling (twice now) and honestly, I feel we are doing better as a couple! We have been working on 'us' the kids have been with barbara quite a bit and we have just been working on our marriage, we have been hanging out until the wee hours of the morning, we went to a movie, just having some husband/wife time! I was a few weeks pregnant when we got married, so we have never really been a married couple, it's been more of mom and dad instead of Lacey and John. so we are trying to get back to US!! Thank GOD we have family here, I know it's not a lot, and I miss my family more than anything.. but THANK GOD for Barbara!! I mean really!!! THANKS!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

we are doing ok

I don't know if anyone knows, but John and i have been going through some really tough times, as husband and wife, but WE decided we weren't going to give up without a fight, so we are fighting and i *Think* we are winning.. we shall see... it's hard, and it's even HARDER cuz i feel like i am fighting this battle alone, all my family is in utah, and out of the ones in Las vegas, i don't consider mnost of them family, as not many of them have been there for me.. EVER!!! and John has his mom 2 blocks away... so i feel alone, and the people who do know my problmes don't even seem to call me anymore or anything!! kinda pisses me off!!! but what am i supposed to do, i know life gets inthe way sometimes, but man feeling lonely fuckin' sucks!!!