Friday, February 27, 2009

pay it forward....

Ok since I'm in a pretty good mood I'm gonna play. I saw this on my friend kelsys blog (which I check faithfully at least once a day) basically I'm going to give the first 3 people to comment on this thread something handmade by me sometime this year.. it could be anything!! But here's the catch... you have to pay it forward! Post on your blog about it and commit to giving 3 people something.. not that hard right??!! Oohhh and have fun this weekend kelsy!!


Yep I have great news!! John finally got a job. Its been 5 long months sice the accident and he went to orientation this morning! He starts work on monday! And now the gloomy part of it... we only have my car right now(we have his motorcycle, but it needs a new rim and a new battery.. soooo for the next week or 2 or maybe even 3 we have to carpool with eachother! Which isn't such a bad thing except... he leaves (which means we have to leave) at 3am. Ill drop him off at his jobsite, go to my dads house and sleep on the couch until I have to go to work.. which somedays is at 9 am sometimes not until noon. Then when he gets off work at about 1 or 2.. he will either have 2 get a ride, or ride the bus to my work, and sit there until I get off at 6pm. We will then leave to go home, get back to pahrump by 7pm, have enough time to eat and put the kids to sleep! We will be gone from 3 am until 7pm every week day! Its gonna suck! Sooo... if u happen to know anyone who wants to get rid of a car for pretty cheap and/or will take payments until its paid off.. let me know! But... john got a job!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

check out jen's site

She is giving away some blog candy!!! Check it out the link is also on the side bar on the right!! I met jen last summer (and her lil girl) at a retreat I went to in cali! She's a fun person and an amazing scrapper!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

some random pics..

Hey guys i know it's been a while.. i know i have been kinda slackin' .. here are some recent pics of the family...

Me my birthday weekend (back in decmeber)

John...(my biker husband)

Rikki-Lynn posing for the camera..

and can't forget x-man.. aka Xander.. he loves his yogurt!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines day!!!

So... I just wanted to post really quick to say happy valentines day! I will try to upload some pics soon! There is some exciting baby news going around... and NO its NOT ME!!!! My sister Amber just found out she is having a little boy!!! And my friend shanti just found out she is pregnant again! And... some one else is too.. but don't think they've told everyone yet though.. so ill have to make that announcement later..(when they decide to tell) it makes me question if I am really done with babies I mean I have my boy and my girl.. I couldn't ask for more perfect kids.. but.. do they need another brother or sister... and honestly I know I could handle another baby... but being pregnant?? I hate being pregnant.. I mean I love the fact that my body is housing a human when I am pregnant... but I puke all 9 months! All day every day.. not to mention being on bed rest for the last 2 months or so of each pregnancy.. and I am crazy psycho lady.... and I get gestational diabetes when I am pregnant.. so... as for now.. the ganthers will not be adding another child to our family.. that is unless of course my birth control fails or someone wants to give me theirs! So if you know anyone with an extra baby hanging around send them my way! Bye bye for now!

Friday, February 6, 2009

blog candy!!!!!!

Hey a couple extremely talented sketchers (and friends) are giving away some scrappin' goodies. So this post is just for them!!!

First of all shanna over at is givin away a super duper cute chipboard album in the shape of a cupcake. It is absolutely adorable!!! Not to mention, her sketches are amazing too! Oh and even if you don't scrap... you can go to her blog enter her contest aka spread the word about her blog win the album and give it to me! Come on... you know you wanna!

And my other amazingly talented scrapper/sketcher is jodie over at is giving away some scrappin goodies too cause its her blogs birthday and her sons! Happy birthday!!!

K I am going to bed now!

Kisses to all!